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Thoughts On Painting In The Digital Age, Part 1

With the advent of photography brought the questioning of the necessity of painting as an art form. The digital era certainly poses the question of why to continue with this mode. Just as photography and painting have informed each other as art forms, I find the digital landscape informs the art of painting.

When painting was threatened by photography and then motion pictures, painters responded experimentally with the cubist, futurist, dada, surrealist and other artistic movements. Each time its death is predicted or assumed, painting rises again. 

For me, the importance of painting in the digital age is that it gives a viscous understanding of the world. Through painting, we can reinterpret the visual landscape. Just as Frank Stella described the pictorial plane of the Mona Lisa as a "transparent membrane" with "two beautiful, slightly bulging soap bubbles bound together," the art of painting the art of painting allows one to see the world, even now, in new ways.

With all the technology that passes through our hands, there is still a need for connection the lineage of painting. It provides a process of reaching into the unknown and discovering aesthetics that create a link between past, present, and future. The process of making is connected to something kinetic, something that takes on a life of its own.

Getting messy in the studio.